Our 40th Anniversary lunch in February 2014
Our 40th Anniversary lunch in February 2014


Probus clubs can be found around the world, but especially in English speaking countries. The first clubs in England were started in 1966, in Caterham and Welwyn Garden City, and were formed by previous members of Rotary Clubs. There is no central body for Probus, each club operating in its own way. Some clubs, like ours, are single sex and some are mixed.

Seaton and District Probus Club was inaugurated in 1974 and we celebrated our 40th anniversary and 600th meeting in February 2014. Members are a mix of local people and others who have moved to the area, often to retire to this beatiful part of the country. We come from a range of backgrounds and this has resulted in an open and outward looking club.

Ours is a social club and being a member is an excellent way to meet and get to know others in the local community. Our regular meetings - both the more formal meetings between October and April, and the informal, fortnightly get-togethers over a coffee - provide excellent opportunities to make and develop friendships with like minded individuals.

The talks at our meetings are always informative and most often amusing. Members come from many different professions and occupations, so we try to include opportunities for members who wish to share their experiences to do so at one or two meetings a year.